How to choose your watch box ?

July 08, 2021

choose watch box

If you have recently taken the plunge into the world of watch collecting and need a box or case to store your new pieces, or if you are an established collector looking for a quality option to store and display your extensive watch collection, you should pay close attention to the following internal information in order to select the perfect watch boxes for your collections.

We hope you find this guide useful in the future !

Set your expectations in advance

The most important thing to understand in advance is that no two watch cases are alike.
Some cases are designed as decorative pieces, almost like furniture, specifically designed to really show off your watches while protecting them - but sometimes protection is a secondary concern.
Other watch cases are designed primarily for safety and usually look very utilitarian, very sober and very cold. The only way to be sure you are buying the right watch boxes or cases for your needs is to set your expectations in advance.

You need to answer whether :

  • You want to be able to display your watches safely or not.
  • Safety takes precedence over aesthetics or not.
  • Whether you need a "stand-alone" watch case or something that can be effortlessly integrated into existing storage solutions.

You will also want to ensure that you choose a watch case that is large enough to store your entire collection (both the collection you currently have and the collection you hope to have in the future), but that allows you to intelligently and effortlessly store, catalogue and maintain or protect the watches you own. It won't be as simple and straightforward as many have imagined. But if you set your expectations in advance, the process becomes much more manageable.

Mark the features you want in your new watch case.

Obviously, different watch cases from different manufacturers will include a variety of unique features that may or may not be of interest to you. And while different manufacturers will try to incorporate these unique features in different ways, you'll want to make sure they give you everything you're looking for, or you'll want to keep looking at different watch cases until you find something that's perfect.
Here are some of the features you should focus on.

Conseils faciles à suivre pour le choix d'une boîte à montre en bois massif

 Every watch case sold in the world is lined with some kind of soft material, a material specifically chosen to protect your watches and keep them clean. Some cases are lined with velvet, others with felt or suede, and still others use an almost rubberised compound to absorb the shock of an accidental bump or fall

Automatic wrap options

If you have any "automatic" watches in your collection, you need to make sure that your case contains an automatic mechanism. Not all watch cases have this feature, but you need to make sure your new investment does, or you'll end up taking watches out of storage that need winding, resetting, and maybe even servicing because they've been out of service for so long.

Security options

Any watch box option will also include a handful of security features and options. At the very least, your watch storage box should have key access and a secure lock that you can trust. Other options include keypads, manual multi-point locks, hidden compartments and even biometric or fingerprint scanning keypads. You can never be too safe or too insecure, especially when it comes to storing or protecting thousands of dollars worth of watches.

Additional storage compartments

Conseils faciles à suivre pour le choix d'une boîte à montre

Many popular watch cases these days perform a kind of "double function" when it comes to storing your valuable jewellery, important documents, passport and other valuables or money.
If you want to make sure that all your valuable possessions are safe and secure, you should invest in watch cases that offer you extra and additional storage compartments that do the job. These additional storage compartments should be as well protected and secure as the watch compartments.

Do you intend to use your watch boxes to display or showcase your collection ?

If displaying your watch collection is important (and many collectors want to be able to show off their collected watches effortlessly), you need to make sure that your watch boxes give you this opportunity.
Most watch boxes designed for display have a top shelf area where individuals can "show off" their watches, an area of the watch box that is encased in safety glass, plexiglass or some other type of transparent material that still provides an extra layer of security. Others opt for watch boxes that are entirely focused on storage, security and preservation rather than display - and these boxes very rarely contain any kind of 'showcase'.

Ultimately, it shouldn't be that hard to find the right watch cases for your needs and budget.
For now, let the watch box shop be your guide.
We hope you have found the tips and tricks for choosing a watch box in this quick guide and can use the information above to better inform your buying decision.