How to store luxury watches ?

July 08, 2021


Did you inherit an exquisite pocket watch or did you get the Rolex you always wanted? Perhaps you have a large collection of watches, old and new. Whether it's one watch or a few dozen, it's important to store your precious timepieces properly. How do you store watches when you're not wearing them?

By storing your watches properly, you ensure that they retain their value. This way you can also pass them on to your children.

How to store watches when they are not in use

A beautiful watch requires proper care and maintenance to keep it working properly and retain its beauty and value. You need to keep your watch clean and store it carefully when you are not wearing it.

Invest in a safe watch box for your watches
Watches are prone to scratches and other wear and tear damage that is not usually covered by warranties. They are also a tempting target for thieves. Therefore, keep your watch collection in a watch box or safe deposit box. A temperature-controlled box will also protect your watches from moisture and dust.

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Clean your valuable watches before you store them.

Moisture and dust can damage the finely tuned mechanisms of a watch. This also applies to skin grease and other oily products such as lotions. Therefore, you should clean your watch every time you take it off. If you keep your cleaning products near your watch box, cleaning your watches will quickly become second nature.

If your watch is waterproof, use a soft cloth and warm water to clean it. Carefully use a child's toothbrush or a soft, damp toothpick to get to the stubborn spots. Rinse thoroughly and use a microfibre cloth to polish the crystal. Avoid getting water on a leather strap. For older watches or those you are not sure are waterproof, avoid water! Watchmakers recommend using a genuine chamois leather to clean everything, including the glass.

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Keep your clocks oiled and wound

It is important to keep your watches oiled and wound when they are not in use. There is disagreement among watchmakers about whether or not watches should be kept running. However, they agree that it is important to keep them properly lubricated. A watch's movement is its engine, and like any good engine, it needs proper lubrication to function properly.

Always remove the battery from a quartz watch if you are not going to wear it for a while. If your watch has several complications, such as a perpetual calendar, moon phase or planetary gear, you should use a high-quality winding mechanism. Master watchmaker Andrea van Steijn recommends "choosing one that doesn't turn too fast and that doesn't make too many revolutions.

Have your watches serviced regularly

It's important to keep a watch's mechanism clean, properly lubricated and adjusted so that it continues to work properly whether you wear it or store it when you're not using it. Choose a reputable watchmaker who is approved by the watch brand. Watches that are worn frequently require more frequent maintenance, especially if they are more complex. However, all watches need regular maintenance, even if it is just to clean and lubricate them.

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Keep your valuable documentation safe

The documents and accessories belonging to a watch take up little space in a safe. They contribute enormously to the resale value of a watch, so it pays to keep them safe.

Keep proofs of purchase, warranty cards, certificates of authenticity, hangtags and manuals in separate, labelled zip-lock bags (one for each watch). Do the same with accessories such as bracelets, extra links and bangles.

Fill coloured desiccant bags with silica in each zip bag and place more in the boot. They absorb harmful moisture and can be refilled or replaced when they become discoloured. Because of their volume, you should store your watch boxes elsewhere. Just make sure they stay clean and dry. Add desiccant bags and keep track of which box goes with which watch.

Gardez votre documentation précieuse en sécurité

Insure your valuable watches !

Whether you wear your watch all the time or store it when not in use, you should insure your valuable watches. Depending on the value, your watch collection may be covered by your household insurance or require a separate insurance add-on. Document the value of every watch you own and always have antique or rare watches appraised. Take several clear close-up photos of each clock, date and time stamped, from different angles to show its condition.

Then take a group photo of the watch and everything that goes with it, including the case, any documents, accessories, etc. You can also take separate photos of each of these items. A label that you can attach to each photo will help you know what goes with each watch.
Keep the photos, receipts and list of serial numbers in a safe, separate place. If something should happen to your watches, you don't want to lose all the proof of ownership and the value of the watches with them !

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