Travel Watch Box - Watch Roll

July 08, 2021

Travel Watch Box - Watch Roll

Whether you store your watch at home or take it on a trip or holiday, most do's and don'ts remain the same. In fact, we have an article that goes in depth on storing watches at home. Just give it a try. So let's focus here on the best ways to look after your luxury watch(es) while you're away and when you're not at home.

A few decades ago, if you forgot your watch, the best way to know the time was to ask someone else. However, most of us now have a mobile phone and can easily find out the time whenever and wherever we want. In this respect, watches have become less of an essential time-telling device and much more of a fashion statement. A beautiful watch can add the finishing touch to any outfit.

As a watch collector or connoisseur who may own more than one watch, it is really helpful to know what you can do with them when you travel, even if you only wear one on your wrist! Your watches are not just "a collection", they are your pride and joy and have certainly cost you a lot of money. So you really need to know all the tips of the trade to keep them looking fantastic and to protect them.

Here are some types of watch cases

If you are travelling, perhaps on a business trip or holiday, a watch case is definitely the best way to protect your watches. If they are left loose in your luggage or in a toiletry bag, they can easily get scratched, dirty and damaged. Let's take a look at the watch storage options

Watch rolls

As mentioned earlier, watch rollers are a great way to protect your watches and there are many options, including series. For travel, you want something flexible enough to take with you, but strong and sturdy enough to keep the watches safe, so perhaps look for one that has a nice soft lining that protects all parts of the watch, including the face, back and strap. Watch rolls can usually hold between 1 and 3 watches, which is ideal if you want to take multiple watches with you on your trip.

coffret de rangement marron triple montre

Protective cases

Another great way to protect watches is with a case. The main advantage for travel is that you can pack them relatively flat, leaving more room for other things. They often have a hard shell to protect against bumps etc and a soft lining. Not as versatile as a watch roll, but you can still fit a piece or two from your watch collection in it.

Unique watch box

This is another type of watch roll, but as the name suggests, it is designed to hold just one watch. The watch itself is held and protected by a removable cushion and a series of soft flaps. Like the case, it is very easy to store in your luggage, so you have plenty of room for other things.

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At Watch Box we have something for everyone, from the seasoned collector with several watches to those just starting out on their journey with just one or two luxury watches. Browse to your heart's content and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need more information.