Leather Watch Box

Are you particularly fond of leather? Are you looking for an original and elegant watch storage?

You are at the right place, in this collection Boite Montre puts to work all its knowledge by offering you the best on the market. On the program:

Protective leather cases
Leatherette watch boxes with glass
Watch storage with locks


It is important to store your watches in a dedicated place, it often happens that without a box, the watches end up on a shelf in bulk or worse, at the bottom of a drawer. It's even harder to find them when you need them.

A watch box is the perfect solution to this mess. Our leather watch boxes, designed with a unique know-how will be a masterpiece in your decoration.

Leather is one of the noblest materials, used since the dawn of time, tanners strive every day to deliver their know-how. Having a leather decoration at home reflects a great character and a certain elegance.

If you want to offer a watch box for a special event, birthday, wedding gift, we advise you to visit our collection of customizable watch boxes.